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silhouette of woman and dog running into sunset

Our Latest Blog

Adventures with Your Dog on a Dime

You. Your best friend. And adventure.  It’s what we all dream about, right?  And the good news is taking your dog on an adventure doesn’t have to break your bank.  Besides, there are lots of ways to get out and explore on the cheap. Here are a few under a few bucks adventures to take…

Break up the Boredom…and Awaken the Summer Fun!

The dog days of summer might be the longest, hottest days of the year but that’s just more reason to get out there and soak up every summer second of adventure unleashed. Dogs, like ourselves, need robust activity to stay physically and mentally healthy. Besides, dogs are not slackers by nature. They live for fun,…

When Tails Meet Trails: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy on Your Next Hike

There are few things that will set a tail to wagging faster than the sight of an open trail. Even the laziest of dogs enjoy an occasional (brief) stroll in the great outdoors. So, as the summer winds down, why not treat your four-legged adventurer to one last warm-weather trek? Before you do, though, be…